Pluto For Sale: Once In Many Lifetimes Offer!

The Elves tried to tell us, but did our astronomers pay attention? Nooo, they don't believe in Elves.

So, here we are with inter-galactic egg on our faces again, forced to de-planetify (don't know why that's not in my spell checker...) a tiny cold rock orbiting Sol way out past Neptune and before you get to the Kuiper Belt.

Naturally, this has caused Wall Street to dump shares of all the companies that depended on Pluto being designated as a planet, which in turn, leads Elf Ink to offer:

The T-Shirt Sale of the Era!

That's right, folks, NASA is going to auction off the former planet of Pluto, and Elf Ink is offering these exclusive commemorative T-Shirts, hats, mugs, underwear (yeah, why not?), pillows, and all our usual unusual goods. Here's an example of a Framed Tile (coaster):

So order now from our Plucky Plethora of Pluto Playthings, before it's too late!


Trollmeister said...

Wow - so Pluto isn't planet anymore. Thank God you and 36 billion other bloggers took the time to tell me.

How refreshingly original.

John said...

Public Service Announcements are required of Bloggers under the rules of The International Union of Blogifiers. But God said to tell you, "You're Welcome."

Elves, like Trolls, are always original, and refreshing if used before their expiration dates.

Ma Titwonky said...

Personally I've always preferred Elves to Trolls. Besides, the elf names are much better. I used to have an elf name but I've fogotten it. Perhaps I can find that generator and get a new one. I think it's important to have an elf link.

John said...

Hey, Ma, thanks for commenting. I'm just getting into this blogging cult, and have just learned to expect that when I comment on your comment, you'll get an email.

So, if you get an email about this, please let me know if that's the way this works. If I don't hear from you, I'll figure you didn't get notified and I'll come to your blog to post a comment to let you know this:

I posted an article citing your comment topic, with a link to your site. Thanks again!