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Your-Ad-Here Dog's T-shirt

Disclaimer: I do not know any way for you to get rich quick. If I knew a way for someone to get rich quick, I'd be too busy doing it to tell you about it.

However, I do know how you can have fun spoofing get-rich-quick mentality: Elf Ink's "Your Ad Here" series of T-shirts, hats, clocks, buttons, aprons, mugs, mousepads, underwear, sweatshirts, etc. (And yes, this helps me get "rich" a couple of bucks at a time.)

Your Ad Here: Discounts for Payments In Beer & Pizza

All the other designs at Elf Ink let you advertise yourself -- your skills (if any), your sense of humor (if any), or just to be the center of attention. But this "Your Ad Here" gear lets you advertise to let others advertise on you and your stuff. You should be able to retire in no time! (Meaning, at "no time" will you be able to retire based on using this gear.)

So, we has four "Your Ad Here" designs for all-a youse:

  1. "Your Ad Here"
  2. "Your Ad Here (Discounts for Payments in Beer & Pizza)"
  3. "Your Ad Here (Discounts for Good-Looking Women)"
  4. "Your Ad Here (Discounts for Good-Looking Men)"

So get busy and order today, so you can: Make money! Get Rich! Attract the opposite Sex! Or at least draw a few laughs and smiles from those around you, by advertising advertising-space on your Elf Ink clothes & thingamajigs!

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