What is Elf Ink?

Sample t-shirt: No Speed Limit
Well, Elf Ink is my hobby, and your chance to find some unusual t-shirts, hats, mugs, underwear, pillows, teddy-bears, clocks, magnets, post-cards, and stuff-like-that-there. It's also an example of a great way for you to promote your own Blog, and possibly earn a few bucks.

It's a great concept, and they now have millions of designs/products, so you can really find items that none of your friends will have. And there are so many designs, you can find something that really represents your personal attitude, skills, interests, etc. I have over 1,000 different items for sale at Elf Ink, and I've only being playing around with it in my spare time since December. I've earned just over $250 bucks so far, but it appears to be picking up steam. And it turns out this is a great way to express my sense of humor (because I don't have to listen to my co-workers groans).

I'll be using this Blog to describe my success and failures in this biz, and proudly show off my latest ideas. The "No Speed Limit" T-shirt sample up there is my latest design, but it's not my favorite. Try perusing all the designs I've posted so far to get an idea of my sense of humor, and see if you can guess which design is my favorite.

And tomorrow I'll post an entry on how you can put promote your blog for free, by selling T-shirts and the other gear all with your name on them. Really, all it costs is a little time -- no money, no kidding!

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